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Calorx is name synonymous with education par excellence. It believes in empowering children helping them to succeed in all spheres of life. This is the reason why Calorx has added new dimensions to its portfolio ensuring that it covers every segment of the society. The organization has grown leaps and bounds...

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Altus Learning is a professionally managed, education company based in Gujarat that delivers education services in the P-12 segment to the Calorx Group, which has been running K-12 schools and pre-schools for over 16 years. With K-12 growing at a phenomenal rate in India...

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Welcome to Calorx Education & Research Foundation

"The Indian Education scenario is undergoing a complete transformation and a total makeover. In the recent past, Education was largely being delivered by Government schools; private schools were few and mostly State affiliated."

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Welcome to Calorx Education & Research Foundation

There is a huge demand and supply gap for the quality K-12 School in India. Parents are looking out consistently for renowned schools to get the best education for their children. The entrepreneurs entering into this segment now have better chances of success.....

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25thMay, 2015.
XII result CBSE of VBPS Indore

VBPS, Indore (Managed by Calorx), has successfully proved its mettle by scoring a whopping aggregate of 82.10% in Science Stream for 22 students in CBSE 2015 results for Class 12 and 72.83% in Commerce Stream.

The topper for Science stream being Kaustubh Mundra with 95.2 % and for commerce stream, Chinmay Garde with 94.0 % .

The Principal and staff enthusiastically congratulate the students for their excellent performance and wish them a bright future.

25thMay, 2015.
VEDIC Students appeared for IIT JEE Advanced

We are pleased to share that, following 03 (three) VEDIC students (Batch2013) qualified (SC & SEBC Category) for IIT JEE Advanced and appeared yesterday for the same.

1. Ms. Viral Desai - JEE Main Score - 112 - Background (Father working as Driver)

2. Ms. Gayatri Parmar - JEE Main Score - 57 -(Background : Father working as a Peon in Pvt. Co.)

3. Mr. Chetan B. Chaudhary - JEE Main Score - 80 (Background : Father working as labourer : Daily Wager)

25thMay, 2015.
XII result CBSE of DPS Bopal

DPS Bopal, the avant-garde among the premium institutes in Ahmedabad, has successfully proved its mettle by scoring a whopping aggregate of 84.99% for 279 students in CBSE 2015 results for Class 12.

Students of DPS Bopal have come out with flying colours in all the three streams with the toppers being Aanchal Sharma 97.8 % (Humanities) – Ahmedabad City Topper, Bharat Khandelwal 97.2% (Science) and Sayanika Roy 97.0 % (Commerce).

Moreover, many students have scored full marks (100) in subjects like Chemistry, Psychology, Economics and Political Science. Going beyond the toppers, the overall staggering performance is evident from the fact that the average aggregates of Science, Commerce and Humanities are 84.78%, 84.26% and 84.28% consecutively. 88 students have secured 90% and above marks in aggregate.

6thMay, 2015.
Award Ceremony and Launch of simply English – CPS Bhavnagar

Calorx Public School Bhavnagar, are extremely happy to share that there was organized Award Ceremony, Launch of Simply English and seminar on Spring of Inspiration by International Mind Trainer Dr.Jitendra Adhia on 6th May 2015 at Yashwantray Hall, Bhavnagar.

On this occasion, Dr.Jitender Adhia, Maharani Samyukta Devi, Yuvaraj Saheb,Bhavnagar, District Collector Mr.Pani, Dr.Suchak, JCI Rupesh Barad, Mr.Narendra Panara, Dr.K.C.Pathak( Scientist Nirma Co.Ltd.) a few industrialists presided over the function as dignitaries.

Dr.Jitendra Adhia presented the mind power with power presentation.

5thMay, 2015.
Language Workshop “Xpress Your Self” at DPS Bopal

Summer time is at time for relaxation and fun. It is the time when time comes to a standstill and we can indulge ourselves in hours of play and entertainment. But this time which is completely our own, hangs heavy on our hands when it is not sprinkled with some measure of fruitful activity. At the summer workshop, students find that they can learn some sport like cricket, basketball, skating or soccer. Enhancing their drawing skills for a short period every day becomes easy at the Art Workshop. To take a picture perfect, many have joined Photography workshop. Making robots cannot be an easy task but it certainly seems so at the Robotics workshop at DPS. Budding authors and poets could enhance their writing skills by attending the language workshop 'Xpress Yourself'. All in all students enjoy themselves doing something which does not fit into their school routine.

2ndMay, 2015.
Workshop on blogging at DPS Bopal

A workshop on Blogging was organized by ‘Satori- Let’s Not Yawn’, a community of literature lovers of the city for the first time at Ahmedabad National Book fair 2015 on May 1. About 12 students from DPS attended the workshop. The workshop started with the basics of how to create a blog and write posts for novices and went on to explain how the blog can be a vehicle of expression and communication. Different types of blogs and what made them appealing to an audience were discussed. The workshop also showed bloggers how they could earn a modest amount through regular blogging. Content writing as a profession was also touched upon.

According to the organizers, a blog was 'a space to call your own' in the virtual world where you were free to state your views and discuss any topic of your interest or even write a diary. Blogging was also a medium to connect with like minded people and 'express yourself' as observed by Antara Patel, who already writes a regular blog. The issue of copyright and mentioning sources for borrowed material was also addressed. The importance of the correct use of keywords and labels as well as attractive titles was emphasized. Later, the students who also happened to be avid readers and book lovers, took the opportunity to browse through the book stores and pick up a few books that caught their fancy! Prior to the workshop, the students were interviewed by 94.3 My FM where they voiced their opinions on the Book fair in general and the workshop in particular. The city's mayor Respected Smt. Meenakshi Patel also graced the occasion and interacted with the students.

2ndMay, 2015.
Guest speakers: Mr. Jeevan D Chuna and Ms. Shikha

An orientation programme by Global Education Solutions was conducted at DPS, Bopal. It is a known fact that apart from academic, life skills and career mapping is also an important aspect in teenager’s life. We always consider giving best to our students. To maintain our philosophy, in collaboration with GES we have introduced mykensho programme for students of grade 7 to 9. This will be added as a part of their paid hobbies in academic year 2015-2016.

29thApril, 2015.
Colour Play on Paint Day – DPS Bopal

‘The essence in the colours evokes an everlasting impression in young minds.’ Colours elicit happiness and comfort, can stimulate the mind and have an energizing effect on mind and soul. Painting in early education is a part of its natural landscape. We can see the easel filled with an array of vivid colours just waiting to be explored. To provide a platform to our young artists to engrain the vivacity of colours, Delhi Public School, Bopal feted Paint Day on 27th April 2015 for grade I and II and on 28th April 2015 for grade III to V. The students enwrapped themselves in varied colours and conveyed their ideas, expressed their emotions while exploring various techniques of painting namely - vegetable, hand, bud, spray and wax painting. The students had aesthetically pleasing moments along with their nurturing teachers as they were incessantly steered through the activity. The event provided a sanctuary for children to look at the world beyond a simple picture. Every child seemed to be a Michelangelo in making, completely engrossed in creating his/her own masterpiece. All the students joyously carried home a souvenir of their own to have an everlasting memory of the jubilant celebration.

29thApril, 2015.
Pre–Primary School Activities - Paint Day –Prep, Jr. Kg & Sr. Kg at DPS Bopal

y portrait that is painted with feelings is the portrait of the artist not the sitter” – Oscar Wilde. How well was this quotation experienced by the little Dip sites of D.P.S Pre-Primary as they welcomed the Paint Day with full interest and enthusiasm!

Jr. Kg had their Paint Day on 24th, Sr. Kg on 28th and Prep on the 29th of April, 2015. Splashing paint on their paper canvas was pleasurable and creative! They painted on art sheets delightfully

smearing paints. Interesting designs created by them were a treat to the eyes!

Painting is an important part of our little ones’ early education and it appeals to children of all ages. It is full of fun, enhances ingenuity and helps to develop both physical and social skills.

28thApril, 2015.
Bharat Khandelwal of DPS Bopal qualified for JEE Advanced

Yali Ho!
DPS Bopal congratulates all the students who have qualified for JEE Advanced. All the best for Advanced on May 24. We are proud to share that Bharat Khandelwal XII Z has topped JEE (Mains) in Gujarat state with a score of Physics 105, Chemistry-100, Math 115, total score 320/360.

24thApril, 2015.
World Book Day celebration at DPS Bopal.

Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own’. World Book Day is a celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and most importantly it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.

The World Book Day was observed today by the primary section of Delhi Public School, Bopal in the memory of eminent author William Shakespeare. The main aim was to encourage children to explore the pleasure of books and reading. The students as well as the teachers of grade I to V engrossed themselves in narrating stories and reading books in their respective classrooms. It inculcated the value of reading among the children and developed awareness about the world famous author. The students of classes IV and V raised a step ahead to spread wisdom by donating books to the Visamo kids.

23rdApril, 2015.
Session on Stay Safe during summer – DPS Bopal

With the mercury soaring with each passing day and the rise in the cases of heat related illnesses, the thought of ‘how to stay safe during summer’ seems to be weighing heavy on every one’s mind. To equip its team to be able to sail through this harsh summer weather, DPS Bopal invited Dr. Amrata K Thakkar, Pediatric , Columbia Asia Hospital on 23rd April 2015, to conduct a session on Staying Safe During Summer. Dr Thakkar shared innumerable useful tips on prevention and insisted on more hydration breaks and restriction of activity while dealing with such cases in the class. The doctor shared that heat strokes happen due to imbalance between heat load and heat loss and that young children suffer from classic type of heat illnesses where as adolescents are prone to exertion related problems during severe heat. How to prevent severity in the situations when one is not well-equipped, were the high lights of this interactive session, which has been successful to a great deal in putting the teachers’ worries for their students to rest and in boosting their confidence to handle any severity related to heat this summer.

22ndApril, 2015.

Each one of us is a part of the Earth and its through her great generosity that we are nurtured and nourished, eating her food, drinking her waters, clothed in her fabric. Even as we deplete her, she continues to give and give. Her generosity is a lesson for us all. To enlighten our students and sensitize them to aspire to be amenable young citizens of the globe, Delhi Public School, Bopal observed Earth Day on 22nd April 2015 . The students of grade I to V devoted their day to Mother Earth by watching motivational Eath Day songs, videos and doing various activities like poster making, slogan writing etc. all on the theme of the day. The enthusiastic primary grade students made the event successful with their pledged to keep their planet clean and green by being responsible members and learned the importance of doing their bit to conserve and preserve what the mother has given us in abundance. The Earth Day message has gone deep down today with every heart beat whispering Let’s Go Green, before the Green Goes!!

21thApril, 2015.
"EARTH DAY" Celebration at DPS Bopal

Earth Day celebration was initiated with a special assembly on 21 April 2015. The event began with a brief article about Earth Day as conceived by Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, USA, to make people aware about the importance of keeping our planet healthy and clean, which marked the beginning of Modern Environment Revolution. It was also emphasized that the world leaders will pass a binding Climate Change Treaty this year with the message that economic growth can go hand in hand with sustainability. Principal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva, administered the Green Pledge to the students with a promise to uphold the theme of Earth Day 2015, ‘It’s our time to lead’.

On 22 April 2015, Earth Day, posters were put up in the campus with different messages on the need to save our planet. Students were shown videos initiated by the Green School teachers along with discussions on environmental practices toward saving Earth. Students from classes V- X participated in different competitions like slogan writing, project for exhibition and painting competition organized by CEE.

21thApril, 2015.
Painting Workshop by SPICMACAY at DPS Bopal

Students of Fine Arts are attending a paimting workshop in DPS Bopal by artists from Warli organised by SPICMACAY

The Warlis or Varlis are an indigenous tribe or Adivasis, living in mountainous as well as coastal areas of Maharashtra-Gujarat border and surrounding areas.

Their extremely rudimentary wall paintings use a very basic graphic vocabulary: a circle, a triangle and a square.Their paintings were monosyllabic. The circle and triangle come from their observation of nature, the circle representing the sun and the moon, the triangle derived from mountains and pointed trees. Only the square seems to obey a different logic and seems to be a human invention, indicating a sacred enclosure or a piece of land. So the central motive in each ritual painting is the square, known as the "chauk" or "chaukat", mostly of two types:

21thApril, 2015.
Career Counselling Workshop at DPS Bopal

RESOURCE PERSON: Professors from OP Jindal University, Global affairs
The session was very enriching and useful for the students as they are in the path of choosing their career. The session was clearly focused on commerce students. The students were given a brief idea of various subjects offered by the university. The wide ranges of subjects offered are sociology, history basic mathematics, behavioral science, psychology, economic literacy, liberal arts...etc. The students got to know about the summer and winter internship programs which are part of the university’s curriculum. The students also got an understanding about the admission procedure of the university. It was indeed an informative session.

21thApril, 2015.
Career counselling workshop at DPS Bopal
RESOURCE PERSON : Ms.Soumya Harsha ( DPS Alumni)

"Think about it "was a session conducted by Ms. Soumya Harsha Alumni of DPS Bopal who is currently working as a chartered accountant. Students were enamoured by her motivating and interacting skills. She easily became part of the students and understood them well as she herself had faced the similar situation about choosing her career in her student days. She motivated the students to think about what they want from life and start working hard for achieving them. She quoted her own life experience and interacted with them which helped the students to understand her ideas better. The students enjoyed her session and wished they had some more time to spend with her.

21thApril, 2015.
Summer Internship Program at DPS Bopal

The students of 12th Commerce and Humanities were recently addressed by Mr Maulik Bhatt, a lawyer and Mr Sajid, a chartered accountant, regarding the upcoming summer internship programme.

Mr Bhatt spoke about the immense scope involved in the field of law. He highlighted the importance of making career decisions during this crucial stage and the persisting and persevering to translate these choices into professions. He further emphasized the importance of a good law university and how a good education leads to a top notch position in a law firm.

Mr Sajid spoke about the fierce competition present in Chartered Accountancy. While a lot of people are aiming for the top most spot only a selected few actually reach there. The various trials and tribulations involved in Ca were also highlighted by Mr Sajid. However Mr Sajid made sure he presented a true picture to the students and elaborated on how a sea of students from Ahmedabad makes the cut.

A common keynote upon which both the speakers enhanced were the prerequisites for each field. A good university and most importantly qualities like hard work and diligence are crucial to each field. Without them it is impossible to reach to the top.

20thApril, 2015.
Parents’ Workshop Grade III – V at DPS Bopal

Parents are powerful models, and can play a vital role and exert a great deal of influence on the children for the outcome to be pretty much as expected. To allow the parents to be able to play their part smoothly coupled with the aim to enhance the students' efficiency and to maximize their academic excellence, Delhi Public School, Bopal organized a workshop on 18th April 2015, Saturday for the parents of grade 3 to 5, to get acquainted with the curriculum, teaching methodology, assessment pattern and examination system (classes IV and V). Various general points that would be further facilitative for smooth transition of the students into their respective new academic session were also discussed through this interactive session. The parents enthusiastically made their presence felt while our team of educators steered as a guiding force in accomplishing the role of facilitators. The workshop is bound to prove a striking ladder in leading our pupils to execute and fulfil their aspirations for the current session.

18thApril, 2015.
Pre–Primary School Activities
Horse Cart –Prep, Jr. Kg, Sr. Kg (16th – 17th April, 2015)  - “Lakadi ki kathi, kathi pe ghoda….” At DPS Bopal

Children have always rejoiced swinging on wooden toy horse cart and singing away to glory! In DPS, Bopal Preschool, fun was at its peak when children got to ride on a real horse cart! Watching children in this fun and frolic mood, the teachers went down their memory lane, remembering their childhood days.

Altogether, the days were full of excitement and loads of fun!!! She received the award from Rahul Dravid (former India cricketer) & Professor Jane Den Hollander, Vice Chancellor & President of Deakin University, Australia.

13thApril, 2015.
DPS Bopal - Student of class XII Shifa Shaikh has been awarded the prestigious Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia)

We have great pleasure in sharing with you that our student of class XII Shifa Shaikh has been awarded the prestigious Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia) Vice Chancellor's Meritorious Scholarship. The scholarship carries an award of AUD 50,800. She was awarded at a function organized by Deakin University & Rajasthan Royals at Hotel Courtyard by Marriot, Pune, on 9th April, 2015.

She received the award from Rahul Dravid (former India cricketer) & Professor Jane Den Hollander, Vice Chancellor & President of Deakin University, Australia.

13thApril, 2015.
GUEST SPEAKER: Mr. Debashis Raha, Phd, DSc (Australia)

The session was conducted on 10 April 2015, from 8:00 am to 9:00 am, under the Green and Global Practices. The main aim of this programme was to bring awareness about the impact of global warming on the climate. He talked about climate change and its far reaching impact on health, wealth and well-being of the people globally. He also emphasized about energy efficiency measures and techniques at micro and macro level. The students gave innovative and collective responses to climate change and a hope for a more climate resilient green economy. The session was full of vital information and was very interactive. The students also added to their subject knowledge by getting answers to their queries.

13thApril, 2015.
“Puppet Show-Prep, Jr. Kg, Sr. Kg- (6th April - 10th April, 2015)

The long-standing adage is evergreen, “Old is gold!”

No matter how ancient the art of Puppetry, we cannot discount on the element of entertainment it carries for the little kids. Puppet shows have the ability to captivate children for long durations making them giggle and enthuse aloud!

It was indeed an enchanted experience for our little ones to watch the puppet show organized and showcased by a group of endowed teachers becoming puppeteers, entertaining them with their voice modulations and becoming the mouthpieces of the puppets.

Students of Prep saw the show on the story, “The Hare and the Tortoise”. “The Lion King” was watched by Jr. Kg and “The Little Red Riding Hood” was showcased for the students of Sr. Kg. The classics came alive with the puppets doing an inordinate job!

9thApril, 2015.
World Health Day celebrated at CPS Ghatlodia on “Healthy Child – Healthy Education”

CPS Ghatlodia conducted a seminar on ‘FOOD & NUTRITION”. The session was addressed by the renowned physician Dr. Arun Saxena who has rendered his services in almost all the major hospitals in Ahmedabad. The event started at 8.30 am as scheduled. It was attended by the parents as well as the students from grade VI to X. The HM of the school welcomed the guests & highlighted the need of healthy food habit in day to day life. Then Dr. Saxena shared invaluable tips on how to maintain good health & laid emphasis on following strict health regime. He made a point that children should strictly prefer homemade foods, fresh vegetables and fruits rather than their craving for fast food or instant food. Physical activity along with healthy food habit is the mantra to prevent from fast spreading diseases like diabetes. The interaction session with the parents and students was quite noteworthy. Dr. Saxena also answered questions put up by the students and parents. It was certainly a very conducive session. The sole purpose of health awareness through this session was achieved successfully. The day ended with vote of thanks by the principal and with the hope that everyone follows healthy habit to avoid health hazards.

8thApril, 2015.
Self Defence training for 12 Std. Girls at DPS Bopal

The self defence training for grade 12 girls was conducted successfully. Even the girls also responded well by learning the tricks to self defend themselves. Presentation on self defence techniques such as eye poke, nose smash, throat grab, ear slap, hair grab, knife hand to neck, finger thrust to jugular notch etc. And also taught them how to react in different circumstances, how to use the available thing as a weapon for protecting own self. And also shown the sensitive body parts where you can attack to protect own self.

7thApril, 2015.
Special assembly for celebrating safety week at DPS Bopal

On 7th April, 2015 Special Assembly was conducted by classes VIII E and VIII F. The theme of the Assembly was Safety & Security as the school is celebrating Safety Week.

The Assembly started with Saraswati Vandana and Prayer, followed by the Thought for the day. The students read an Article on Importance of Safety & Security in various areas in our day to day life. An interesting Skit was enacted by the students of VIII E that depicted the importance of obeying Traffic Rules in our daily life. The Skit was informative as it reflected default of Safety Rules by elders inculcate a wrong habit in small children and thus make their life miserable.

In today’s Assembly, we had a special guest-Ms. Ruzan Khambatta. Ruzan Khambatta stands apart as a serial entrepreneur in Gujarat. Recently Ms.Ruzan has launched a very unique service called Police HEART (Help Emergency Alert Rescue Terminal) in association with Gujarat Home and Police Department to rescue women in emergency situation by just giving a missed call.

Addressing the Assembly our Principal Mr. Sachdeva reflectd two instances which he came across few days back where elderly people and small children on the road are not taken care of by the vehicle riders. Sir appreciated the work done by Ms.Khambatta for the women and thanked her for visiting our school The Assembly was concluded by National Anthem.

3rdApril, 2015.
Celebrated Safety week at DPS Bopal

‘You are the key to your safety’…To sensitize our students to the significance of being safe and secure and to enhance their alertness towards their personal safety and security, DPS Bopal celebrated Safety Week from 30th of March to 1st of April 2015. The students, through different activities and presentations, were made to realize the essentiality to exert safety measure in their day to day living to ensure their own well being. The enthusiastic students of grade 4 and 5 conveyed their thoughts and understanding on Safety , creatively through Slogan Writing ad Poster Making Competitions respectively. The event successfully underlined the importance of ensuring safety through being alert and informed. Indeed, the week concluded with all the students endorsing…Think Safe, Be Safe!!

3rdApril, 2015.
A workshop ‘Whale Done’ at DPS Bopal

‘Consistent positive reinforcement is the fuel that keeps the fire burning long enough to achieve any change you desire’... To reinstate the power of positive appreciation, a workshop named ‘Whale Done’ was conducted by the in-house counsellors Ms. Divya and Ms Eve for the faculty of the Primary Section on 3rd April 2015 at DPS Bopal,. The interactive session was broadly based on Ken Blanchard’s famous book ‘Whale done’ that shows how to make, ‘accentuating the positive reinforcement’ and ‘redirecting the negatives’ the best tools to increase productivity. The techniques are remarkably easy to master and can be applied equally well in our day to day schooling to yield the best

30thMarch, 2015.
First Day of Session 2015-2016 for Pre Primary –DPS Bopal pre school

The new session of Pre-Primary for Sr. Kg and Jr. Kg commenced on 30th March, 2015 with great zeal and excitement. The smiling faces of the children brought in the freshness of the spring breeze in the environment. Life in the campus came back with the chirping and giggling of little angels. A session with the school counselor was organized for new parents while they awaited their kids to come back. The day ended with teachers giving flowers giveaways to the blooming buds of Pre-Primary garden so that they keep smiling for the days to come.

28thMarch, 2015.
Earth Hour At DPS Bopal

Delhi Public School, Bopal has been observing Earth Hour for the past 5 years spreading awareness about global warming and other environmental concerns. In sync with our school vision- Green and Global Practices, the students put up posters across the school urging everyone to participate actively for the cause. The posters were made using 100% recycled paper. Students and teachers took the initiative towards the global cause by switching off the non-essential lights in their respective societies, parking areas and open plots on 28th March from 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. along with their family and friends contributing to the global cause. During this session children interacted with the people and told them the importance of “Saving Energy”Students and teachers at DPS- Bopal, work actively towards greener tomorrow through various programs under the Green School committee.

28thMarch, 2015.
"Goal setting.....leads to perfect career" was conducted by Mr.Mohit Mangal, Managing Director at Ique ideas for DPS Bopal

Mr.Mangal addressed all the section of grade 9 by making them understand that career has to be choosen very wisely on the basis of interest, liking, number of hours one can spend reading books,ability to memorize and many more such factors that ends up choosing a right career.He shared about the streams available after 10th and how to decide the right stream for right career. Various career options available into each stream. Followed by an interactive session with students. Number of question the students asked indicated that they have started thinking on their career line. And they have more queries to address their inquisitiveness for their career directions.

28thMarch, 2015.
"Parents Orientation – (Prep, Jr. Kg & Sr. Kg)" at DPS Bopal pre school

The years a child spends at kindergarten are some of the most impressionable years of his life. The right environment, support and guidance can help build a happy future for the child. Keeping parents’ anxiety related to a new environment for their ward in mind, an Orientation Programme comprising of class wise multiple sessions was conducted for the parents of Pre-Primary from 24th to 27th March 2015. 

The Principal Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva welcomed the new parents and the Headmistress Ms. Sabina Sawhney introduced her team of experienced teachers.The Class Teachers discussed the methodologies, aids used and environment of the institution at length with the parents. In keeping with our school vision “Green & Global Practices “they also spoke about the Earth Hour to be observed on 28th March from 8:30 – 9:30pm. The programme aimed at making parents aware of our learning styles and teaching practices so as to make them active partners to maximize learning by the little angels. 

Another new session with fresh aspirations begins as we enter the 20th year of our educational journey!!!

27thMarch, 2015.
Lecture on World Epilepsy Day at DPS Bopal

In observance of World Epilepsy Day, an awareness session on epilepsy was conducted by Consultant Neurology at Columbia Asia Hospital-Dr.Arvind Sharma at Delhi Public School, Bopal where teachers were imparted knowledge about epilepsy and its symptoms. Though epilepsy is a controllable disease but often it turns critical due to ignorance. 

Sharing the epilepsy occurrence status across the world, Dr.Arvind Sharma said “About 1% of people worldwide (65 million) have epilepsy, and nearly 80% of cases occur in developing countries.About 5–10% of all people will have an unprovoked seizure by the age of 80, and the chance of experiencing a  Epilepsy can have both genetic and acquired causes, with interaction of these factors in many cases. Established acquired causes include serious brain trauma, stroke, tumours and problems in the brain as a result of a previous infection. In about 60% of cases the cause is unknown. Epilepsies caused by genetic, congenital, or developmental conditions are more common among younger people, while brain tumours and strokes are more likely in older people.

26thMarch, 2015.
Interactive & Informative session on “INSIGHTS ON WATER CONSERVATION” at DPS Bopal

An enthusiastic team of The Fern Hotel, Mr Priya Ranjan, Mr Lalit and Mr Anand Lall , Sr.Manager H R, visited Delhi Public School Bopal on 25th March 2015 and held a very interactive and informative session with the students on Water Conservation to celebrate the Water World Day, which is observed globally on 22nd of March every year. The team had taken an initiative to impart a lot of information on “water conservation” through their presentation on different sources of water, information on fresh drinking water, causes of climate changes, why and how we should save water and the key areas of water consumption. The team also enthusiastically answered the queries raised by the inquisitive students. A quiz was also conducted through a presentation based on how to save water, different reasons of water pollution and diseases caused by polluted water. 

It was a proud moment for the school when four students bagged ‘Food Vouchers’ of The Fern Hotel as a prize for standing out as the winner of the quiz. This session left a deep impact on the minds of the students. It was indeed an excellent initiative.

23thMarch, 2015.
DPS Bopal sets its foot in to 20th year

Marking 20 years of providing quality education Delhi Public School- Bopal sets its foot into the 20th year of its journey by launching of 20 years logo. Principal Mr. Surender P Sachdeva unveiled the logo in the assembly today amidst students, teachers and admin staff.

We are excited to announce the launch of new logo designed to carry the school forward towards excellence and longstanding commitment to green and global practices

23thMarch, 2015.
Winners of International Mathematics Olympiad and International English Olympiad – DPS East

Winners of International Mathematics Olympiad and International English Olympiad were felicitated with medals and certificates by our Honourable Principal Mr.Hitesh Puri during the Morning Assembly.

21thMarch, 2015.
Bhavita Madhu of DPS east receiveing “ Kanya Keleavni Award”

Congratulations to Ms. Bhavita Madhu for receiving "Kanya Kelavani Award" by honourable chief minister Ms. Anandiben Patel at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar.

5thMarch, 2015.
'Special assembly' for Students of Class IV & V – DPS Bopal

On 5th March a special assembly was organized by the students of classes IV & V where in the students of class V shared their wonderful experience in Primary section. They performed a “JugalBandi” dance. The assembly included a skit showing the Journey of class V and a song. A musical hobby show was performed by “Instrumental Music Hobby” students.

At the end the Head Mistress addressed the gathering and wished them luck and a bright future. Our Principal and Head Mistress visited all the sections of Class V and wished them a colourful and blissful future.

5thMarch, 2015.
'Special assembly' for Holi celebration – DPS Bopal

A special assembly on Holi was splendidly conducted by the students of class II C where students fabulously showcased their stage talent with various programmes on the theme Holi. The assembly began with the prayers post which children presented a beautiful skit explaining the value of the month. Then children explained about the importance of the festival emphasising on the right way to celebrate and awarding students of some evil customs related to it. All the children were dressed in colourful traditional attires and set the perfect mood to celebrate the festival with vigour and enthusiasm. Children demonstrated how to make herbal Holi colours using natural fruits, flowers and spices from the kitchen. Then a hilarious dance performance on a holi folk song was performed by the students. In the end Headmistress Ma’am extended her greetings on the festival to all the students and also emphasized them to play safe and eco-friendly Holi.

4thMarch, 2015.
New Academic session 2015-16 for Class –XII – DPS Bopal

As the new academic session for 2015-16 started for class XII, there was a welcoming atmosphere during the Assembly and Principal Mr. Surender P Sachdeva guided the importance of commencing the session with a focused approach towards academics. He focused on the need of putting 100% effort towards achieving the maximum. He also advised them to embrace their responsibility towards society.

4thMarch, 2015.
Pre–Primary School Activities Graduation Day –DPS Bopal pre school

Graduation Day in DPS, Bopal Pre-school for children marks the beginning of formal schooling! Our graduates are moving on to new discoveries and new accomplishments stepping out of the mollycoddling environment of Pre- Primary. They take along with them cherished memories and anecdotes we shared together which were all worth celebrating……..

DPS, Bopal Preschool held a Graduation Ceremony in a comfortable home environment on 3rd March’15 for Sr. Kg children. Attired in purple graduation robes, adorned with the prestigious hats children looked determined in their stride towards a bright fulfilling future while receiving the certificates. It was a day of mixed feelings for both the students and the teachers!!!


3rdMarch, 2015.
CPS Jaipur

Good results are yielded at the end of the day only if good thoughts are generated at the beginning of the day!! it fills us with great pleasure to share the good news that after achieving 211th ranking at national level 11th in Jaipur city & 14th in Rajasthan State in the Education World - Indian School rankings -2014.(September -14 issue) Now it is Digital Learning Magazine that ranked us 5th in Jaipur in its top school ranking system.

21thFebruary, 2015.
Parents’ Day Programme of DPS Bopal, PreSchool
Udaan – Ready for the flight!

DPS Bopal celebrated Jr.Kg. Parents’ Day on 21st February, 2015. The programme was graced by Mr. Amitabh Shah, Chief Inspiration Officer, Yuva Unstoppable. The Guest of Honour was Radio Jockey Mr. Aseem from Radio City 91.1 FM!

The programme heralded a ceremonial environment with a “Puspanjali” to Goddess Saraswati. This was followed by an address by the Principal of the school Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva. He welcomed the Chief Guest and parents and gave valuable suggestions to young parents regarding a better preparation for senior classes. The cultural programme was a potpourri of dances from several states of India. Ganesh Vandana, Gadhwali Dance, Aspiration Dance, a value based Play, Fashion Show, Gujarat’s “gaurav” Garba, foot tapping Goan, an African Dance and the Mastano ki Toli were a few highlights which delighted everyone!! The Chief Guest Mr. Amitabh Shah, in his speech encouraged the parents to give their children “the ‘diet’ of motivation, the power of words and a habit of kindness and compassion”. The Guest of Honour R.J. Aseem applauded teachers and students for their effort. He stressed on the importance of co-curricular activities in school for the overall development of children.

The Headmistress of our school, Ms. Sabina Sawhney concluded the programme with a Vote of Thanks. Parents and guests present were all praises for the splendid performance staged by our little ones!!!

17thFebruary, 2015.
Salad Decoration / Healthy Food Poster / Hand writing Competition at CPS Jaipur

We are pleased to share that on 14th Feb, 15 various competitions were organized in the School Salad Decoration Competition for class IV to VI, Healthy Food Poster making competition for Classes I to III and Hand writing Competition for Pre-Primary students.

16thFebruary, 2015.
Visit to Indroda Park, Gandhinagar of DPS Bopal students

Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children, and DPS Bopal leaves no stone unturned in expanding this precious resource. Grade I and II were taken on an Educational Trip on 11th Feb. and 12th Feb. 2015, respectively to India’s Jurrasic Park, yes you guessed it right, INDRODA PARK, Gandhinagar, the only dinosaur museum in the country.

14thFebruary, 2015.
Parents Teachers Cricket Match at CPS Jaipur

Yali Ho!!!

As a part of 20th year celebration cricket match between parent team and teachers' team was played. All the parents appreciated the efforts of the school and requested to organize these kinds of activities for strong parent connect.

13thFebruary, 2015.
TOI: The feedback is Class X boards were better: Smriti

Please find link to an interview of HRD Minister with TOI.

The feedback is Class X boards were better: Smriti


12thFebruary, 2015.
Senior School Activities: ONE ACT PLAY at DPS Bopal

‘One Act Play’ an Inter House Competition was organized in Delhi Public School, Bopal on 12, February 2015 for classes VI, VII and VIII. Different topics were chosen by different houses like ‘Honesty is the best policy’, ‘Pepper the phantom pet’, ‘Sorry wrong No.’, ‘Pictionary’, ‘Akbar and Birbal’ and ‘Tale of the two colour coat’. All the houses not only chose their stories thoughtfully but had also taken pains to design sets and costumes. The young actors were brimming with confidence. They took the stage and put on a great performance. The interest and eagerness among the students as well as the teachers lighted up the atmosphere. The young actors mesmerized the audience with their acting skills. All the enactments were judged on plot, character development, dialogue and overall quality. Such activities help to increase the usage of English and enrich the vocabulary. Mr S. Sachdeva ,Principal DPS Bopal, Ahmedabad and Vice Principal Ms. Neera graced the occasion with their benign presence. Ms Neera encouraged the students to take part in such events. The entire event was truly enjoyable and exhilarating.

Mahi House won the first prize followed by Narmada House and Ganga House bagging the second and third place respectively.

12thFebruary, 2015.
Best Out Of Waste Competition -Classes: III to V at DPS Bopal

Following our vision “Green and Global Practices”, our grade III to V conducted “Best out of Waste” activity on the 5.2.15. Students were given a chance to prepare useful items, from any kind of waste material at home.And the outcome was a flood of items ranging from a pen stand to a model of a house, colorful and decorated. These wide varieties of items made by them were displayed and showcased for all to see and learn. The competition turned out to be very fruitful in reinforcing the concept of the three R’s namely Reuse, Recycle and Reduce and in teaching how to acquire cost effective useful items from recyclable stuff at home.

The winners were awarded with certificates on 10.2.15 by the Headmistress.

11thFebruary, 2015.
Pre–Primary School Activities - “Jingles and Advertisement- (Prep)” at DPS Bopal

Utterly, butterly delicious hai Amul…..

Tann ki shakti ..mann.. ki shakti Bournvita….

Surprising, but true…The marketing wizards of Pre-primary showcased their talent and enacted various advertisements. Children brought along with them, the products they were advertising. Some of them exhibited their exemplary creative expressions with their very own rhyming of two or four liner jingles. The underlying idea behind this activity was to make our children convincing with their beliefs and choices in this competitive world. This was a platform to build oratory skills with creativity.

It was a delight to see them sell their products with such confidence and zeal!!!

10thFebruary, 2015.
Visitor of the Week - Ms Rini Sen Balasaria at DPS Bopal

The visitor of the week was Ms Rini Sen Balasaria, an urban planner who worked as a faculty in CEPT. Ms. Sen Balasaria had also worked with Planning Commission, Delhi and IIMA. Presently she is attached to many NGOs dealing with social issues of underprivileged people.  She visited DPS Bopal on 6thFebruary 2015 and was impressed by the green ambience of the campus. Ms. Sen also interacted with students of Grade 10 and discussed on various streams which they would choose in their future. She also shared her experience with the students on Vibrant Gujarat and the areas of concern.

Ms. Sen interacted with the Vice Principal, Ms. Neera Pandey, Sr. Vice Principal Ms. Vandna Joshi and then went ahead to meet the Principal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva. In her candid conversation with the Principal, she pointed out the manifold increase in the school and appreciated the “lively, confident children, the relaxed yet disciplined environment that the school provides”. She was given a memento by the Principal and left with some memorable moments spent in DPS, Bopal.

10thFebruary, 2015.
Kho- Kho and Kabaddi Inter House Competition

Class III- Kho Kho Competition on 28-1-15

Class IV- Kho Kho Competition on 30-1-15

Class V- Kabaddi Competition on 29-1-15

Physical activity and sports plays an essential role in a child’s physical, social and psychological development. As a healthy soul and mind resides in a healthy body. With this belief DPS organized Kho- Kho and Kabaddi Inter House competition for classes III to V. The participants displayed a great show of teamwork, robustness and winning spirit. Rest of the children was nonetheless in cheering and boosting the moral of their candidate player. The whole environment was filled with huge thunder claps, cheering and catchy slogans that the little ones were using to encourage their candidates and support their house. All the participants were well trained and guided about the game rules and regulations to be followed. All the sports teachers perfectly executed the whole competition and kept a vigilant eye on their movements’ .Overall the competition was thoroughly enjoyed by all the teachers present and the students. All the participants of the winning house were given certificates by the Headmistress Ma’am. Class 3- Kho Kho Competition on 28-1-15. Winner Sabarmati House.

9thFebruary, 2015.
'Harmony- the oneness' .Annual Day Celebration 2015 at CPS Jaipur

We are pleased to share the details of celebration of 1st Annual Function 'Harmony- the oneness’. The special guests of the event were Dr. Manoj Gupta, Provost Poornima University, Jaipur, Sh. Mahendra Jain chairman PRSI Jaipur Chapter, Sh. Alok Tyagi Gen Sec.small and big newspapers association. The program was based on unity and diversity of India. The students presented various performances on the theme of unity, save the girl child, women empowerment, the need to spend quality time with family and much more. At the end of the program the achievers of the academic year were awarded.

9thFebruary, 2015.
Bhavita Madhu won Gold medal in Figure Skating

Bhavita Madhu participated in "52nd National Roller Sports Championship 2014-15 Organised by Roller Skating Federation of India and won Gold medal in Figure Skating.

3rdFebruary, 2015.
Work Shop on Challenges in Skill Education for the Principals of CBSE affiliated Schools

Delhi Public School, Bopal , Ahmedabad hosted a sensitization, workshop on Vocational Education for the Principals of all CBSE schools of Ajmer region . Around 50 Principals and senior teachers participated in this workshop. 

The key speakers were Prof. Pradyumna Vyas – Director, N.I.D, and Mr Saikat Roy Chowdhury - Head- Gujarat State, C.I.I. Dr. Saha – Additional Director – Vocational Education, CBSE and Mr. Ashutosh Dave –Head Vedic.

The Principal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva welcomed the guest and pointed out the need of vocational education. He said that he was concerned about the challenges of present day education. He said that the principals are the stake holders and that they should motivate parent and students to opt for skill based vocational education.

9thFebruary, 2015.
MoU - Project Karai, Gandhinagar

One more good news!  We signed MoU with a party for setting up a K 12 school at Village Karai, Gandhinagar. Located close to the Karai Police Academy the plot is nearby to Naroda and Chandkheda areas of Ahmedabad having population close to over 10 Lakhs.  It will be a Green filed project and the school is likely to start operations from

6thFebruary, 2015.
DPS East at the vast canvas of educational institutes and has been awarded as the No. 1 School in Ahmedabad. 

‘Success is a journey and not a destination’- a very popular proverb unfolding the secret of happy and contended living. Success truly is a journey where the achievements come as milestones but the road continues to travel all long. We are happy and proud to achieve the award for Digital Learning that has marked the name of DPS East at the vast canvas of educational institutes and has been awarded as the No. 1 School in Ahmedabad. 

This journey of success starts from our students. Every effort done is just for our students. The unending support of every one at DPS East grabs a lion share or I may say complete share in this grand achievement. While receiving this honour at a felicitation programme at Delhi, I was really overwhelmed by the honour gifted to us in reciprocation of the dedicated efforts. When I say it’s a victory, I cannot forget to thank my Team East which makes a strong fist with four fingers and a thumb. Five elements making Team East strong is support staff comprising of peons, drivers and conductors. Second are our admin staffs. Third are our teachers. Fourth is our management and fifth are the epicentre that is our students and parents.

It is not only victory of a school. But its victory of a Team!

Thank you everyone for making it happens!

6thFebruary, 2015.
Students of CPS Gandhinagar Visit to Science Express-Biodiversity at Gandhinagar Railway Station

The students and staff of Calox Public School, Gandhinagar visited to the "Science Express-Biodiversity Special" stationed at Gandhinagar Capital Railway Station on 6th Feb 2015.The science Express - Bio diversity is a unique exhibition train , carrying a vast store of Knowledge about  Bio-Diversity in India, the students were enthusiastic in knowing about the intricate links between people and natural eco-system.

30thJanuary, 2015.
Calorx Music Fiesta Season -2 at Gandhinaghar

CPS Gandhinagar hosted CMF season 2 in Town Hall on Dt 30/Jan/2015 .Shri Mahendrasinh Rana (Mayor Gandhinagar) as a chief guest grace the occasion.The other special invitees were Mr J.G.Syed (IPS-Crime Branch), Mr Vagmin Buch(President Shivranjani) ,Mr V.P Mishra Principal KV No-1,Ms Heena Ben Shah ( Jila Panchayat Pramukh), Shri S.K. Rana (Second -In Command NDRF),Shri Y.P.Mishra (Commandant CRPF),Gen.R.P Yadav and Rev.Karnelius Macwan and many other dignitaries. The hall was fully occupied by 1000+ audience and enjoyed the evening with renowned Singer Mr Sanjay Oza and Parth Oza. It was really a Kamaal and Dhamaal Grand Event.

29thJanuary, 2015.
Won Gold medal in National level in Karate Championship for NCPS Bharuch

Sharing yet another moment of pride though little belated,  Ms. Hardi Bharucha of std V, won gold medal at National Level in Karate Championship at Mumbai under 35 Kg weight category.

27thJanuary, 2015.
GOI - MHRD - Invitation for New Education Policy For School Education in India

Please find below link of GOI – Invitation for Suggestions for New Education Policy (School Education).

Kindly go through link.


26thJanuary, 2015.
CPS Gandhinagar celebrated 1st Annual Sports Day

CPS Gandhinagar Celebrated 1st Annual Sports Day today on Republic Day. On this occasion Shri S.K.Rana (second -In-Command NDRF) hoisted the flag and inaugurated the function. Every students of the school participated in the spots activity and all the parents witnessed the program and also participated in the sports event. The main attraction of the activity were Races, Lemon and Spoon, Long Jump, Short Put, Toffee Race, Niddle and thread, Relay race etc and musical chairs and Lemon and Spoon for Ladies(Mother) and Races For the Gents (Father).Around more than 250 parents and guest witnessed the function.

16thJanuary, 2015.
CPS Gandhinagar celebrated Traffic safety week

CPS Gandhinagar celebrated Traffic safety week and as a part of the same Students and Staff had a mass walk on the main road of the city with traffic safety slogans and posters and sensitize about traffic rules and value.

12th & 13thJanuary, 2015.

The wondrous two day talent showcase at DPS East annual Function

The wondrous two day  talent showcase at DPS East annual Function Fairyland and Motherland truly left the audience striking their hearts, beating the cold with the heat of the applauds!!! (Around 2500 parents have given their presence in two days).

The entire team East delivered a fabulous show that fetched lots of praises from the invited dignitaries.  The students put up some great performances which made the audience get drenched into the downpour  of music and dance.  May it be the fairyland tour or the little anchors in their confident foot forward? The first day was complete dream land...

The second day was a tour to motherland. The students amazed audience with some exceptional performance like sufi dance, punjabi dance, marathi dance, bollywood dhamal and the instrumental music... All went off very well and this success was truly the hard work of a team.  

We at East thank the management of Calorx for their unending support and confidence vested in all our ventures. We also thank all esteemed dignitaries who graced the occasion with their benevolent presence and joined us in encouraging the students.

Looking forward for the same support and spirit in future!

8thJanuary, 2015.
Workshop for Teachers & Parents at CPS Bhavnagar

We are pleased to share that there was organized a workshop for teachers as well as parents on last 8th Jan., 2015. Both the workshops were a grand success. We could not accommodate all the parents in the workshop.

We are highly thankful to Ms. Anita Dua Ma'am for sparing her precious two day & counselling constantly without break.

The parents were so involved & interested that one hour scheduled workshop continued for two hour & some of them came to meet the next day taking appointment. They requested Anita Ma'am to visit Bhavnagar at least once in a three month.